Coordinating land and water governance for food security and gender equality- A paper by Madiodio Niasse

A workshop was held in Pretoria, South Africa on 15th & 16th June 2015. The Workshop entitled: ‘Responding to the Global Food Security Challenge through Coordinated Land and Water Governance’ was held as a collaborative effort of organizations ILC, GWP & IWMI. Presenters from across the globe made focused presentations on the topic.

Based on the papers presented at the workshop,Water Land Environment Consultant Madiodio Niasse – also former director of International Land Coalition, has developed a technical Background Paper for GWP/Technical Committee on Coordinating Land and Water Governance for Food Security and Gender Equality. The paper builds extensively on the Pretoria workshop, making reference on many of the papers presented and discussions during the meet.

The paper deals on how land and water governance are crucial to ensuring food security as well as gender justice.

The GWP Technical Background Paper No. 24 – Coordinating land and water governance for food security and gender equality can be accessed here:

It can also be accessed here: gwp-tec-no-24_web