Global Land Forum 2018: The countdown begins


An opportunity for global exchange on land issues:

With people and organisations representing more that 60 participating countries, the Global Land Forum is one of a kind global platform to hear and to be heard. It os one of the largest land forums in the world.

Indonesia has been granted the opportunity to host the Global Land Forum (GLF), which to be organized during 24-26 September 2018 in Bandung.


Expected to be inaugurated by President Joko Widodo, and be attended by ministers from ILC member countries; Asia, Central Europe, Africa and Latin America, civil society organizations, UN agencies, government agencies, academics and community organizations, GLF 2018 is going to be an opportunity of a life time.

The National Organising Committee (NOC) was esatablished to be the key organiser of the event. The NOC is comprised of 16 community based organizations and civil society organizations as the members.

Some of the Ministries and Institutions that commit to participate are the Executive Office of the President (KSP), the Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial/National Land Agency (ATR/BPN), the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Villages, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration Ministry (Kemendesa) and Provincial Government of West Java.

Why Bandung ?

Bandung in Indonesia was selected as the venue for the GLF 2018 to recall the history of independence struggle of Asia and Africa nations against colonialism. In 1955, the first Asian-African Conference was held in Bandung.

Themes and Issues for Discussion

Keeping the context of the land rights struggle in the participating countries, the issues are summarized under the following four major themes for the GLF 2018:

1) effective action against land grabbing;

2) revisiting genuine agrarian reform answering global development challenges;

3) ensuring food sovereignty; and

4) women’s and invisible groups struggle on land related-issues.

Women’s land rights as a centralised theme:

GLF 2018 recognises the importance of Women’s Land Rights movement in the context of global movement and has thus considered the issue as one of the main pillars of thematic thrust. The forum is thus a great platform to learn, understand and put forward local issues surrounding women’s land rights.

Hear and Be Heard. Be a part of Global Land Forum 2018.

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