‘I Acquired Power through Land’: The inspiring tale of Dol Maya Karki


My Name is Dol Maya Karki. I live in Kisan Nagar of Mahottari district in Nepal. Albeit I was interested in studying in my childhood, my parents never sent me school due to poverty. My parents forced me to get married with a farmer- Netra Bahadur Karki of Bardibas ward-6 Kishannagar, Mahottari district, southern plain of Nepal. Comparatively, my husband’s family was richer than mine. They had 2 hectares of land. However, there was no happiness in my family because of having two mothers-in-law. My mother-in-law was not satisfied with my work at home. She always blamed me and did not help in my difficulties. The total land of the family was registered in my step mother-in-law’s name and she thought herself as a superior person of the family. Unfortunately, she became ill one day and we were compelled to sell our 0.63 hectare of land for spending on her treatment. But she did not recover and finally died. My husband was also not helpful to me. He was an alcoholic person and he tortured me. After the death of my step mother-in- law, my family members partitioned properties – including the land. Whatever the land we got from the family that was registered land in my husband’s name. I could not say anything because of fear. I was not happy about the registration of land in my husband’s name because he was not a good person. Just then I heard the name of village land right forum (VLRF) in my village. I was totally unaware of what it did. One day I saw a crowd in Rastriya Primary School. When I reached the school and I found that the crowd was a joint land ownership (JLO) encampment organized by VLRF. I got the information on JLO and its importance through the encampment. When I came back to home, I requested my husband for JLO but he was not convinced with my proposal. Then, I shared my problems with the members of the VLRF. They came to my house and convinced my husband as well. Then, he was ready to acquire the JLO after this VLRF intervention. Finally my husband and I got the JLO on 21 May 2017 from district land revenue office, Mahottari. Now, we have 0.133 hectare of land. I felt now strong when I got the joint land certificate. Being equal partners, my husband also cares for me now and we are happy now. I feel empowered.

(Contributed by: Sristi)

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