National Workshop on Women’s Land Rights: Dhaka, Bangladesh: 27th September 2017


A National Advocacy Workshop under Commitment Based Initiative-4 Asia of International Land Coalition was organized jointly by ALRD – member of CBI-4 initiative and Sangat- a South Asian Feminist Organization, on 27th September 2017 at the CIRDAP auditorium Dhaka for future strategy building. The workshop titled on “Women Access to Resource and Property” was presided over by the Sangat Bangladesh Coordinator Ms Khushi Kabir. A presentation was made by Ms. Rowshan Jahan Moni, executive director of ALRD based on the findings of the ground works, while Dr. Meghna Guhathakurta, member of National Human Rights Commission; Dr. Simeen Mahmood, Head of the Gender Studies Cluster, BRAC Institute of Governance and Development and Shamsul Huda were the distinguished commentators.

NWorkshop 5

Speaking on this occasion, Ms.Khushi Kabir rightly pointed out that the gender disparity present in Bangladesh was due to the fact that women were not given their due rights on land property.

Endorsing the views of Ms.Khushi Kabir, Ms.Rowshan Jahan Moni too highlighted how women, the major contributors to agricultural economy were the most deprived when it came to land ownership. With a huge contribution of 64.4% to agriculture-based economy, their land ownership was pegged at 2-4%. This was an empirical evidence enough to highlight the pathetic situation of women’s land ownership.

NWorkshop 4

This workshop successfully engaged Bangladesh Human Rights Commission member,women activists, grass-root leaders and partners, ILC members in country, journalists, researchers, academics, and youth to discuss and solidify issues gathered from the four local level consultations/meetings.


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(Reported by: Sanjida Khan Ripa, Bangladesh)