Grass-root Leadership Training: 18th to 20th August 2017, Jamshedpur (India)


A Leadership Training was organised between 18th to 20th August 2017 at Jamshedpur in Jharkhand, India. About 40 participants took part in the training. The training was held as a part of CBI-4 initiative of International Land Coalition.

The participants mainly comprised of grass-root leaders working in interior rural, indigenous areas. Coming from 3 different states and representing 10 rural areas, the participants took active part in the learning process, as well as shared experiences of practical challenges from field areas.

Being conducted in three different languages, the training focussed on three aspects:

1) Basic ideas on leadership and applicative leadership 2) Land laws governing women’s rights 3) Responses as leaders to women’s land rights.

All the trainees representing areas of indigenous-majority population, the focus was given on customary land laws and the gender-sensitiveness among different tribal communities and customs.

Apart from plenary discussions, the training included group discussions, group presentation, as well as creative exercises like poster development, activism songs and street theatre. These creative avenues gave an excellent learning to the participants on how to develop awareness and motivation at the field level.

A highlight of the training was explaining the presentations from different countries on their efforts to promote women’s land rights – Nepal, Bangladesh and Cambodia.

The  resource persons of the training included Saswati Roy (Secretary of Swadhina), Supriti Murmu (Tribal Land Rights Leader), Sukurmoni Hembram (Panchayat Head), Diptendu Mukherji (Consultant Trainer-Netwroking Alliance for Voluntary Actions), Nirmala Sahu (Women SHG Leader, Orissa). Guest Facilitators included Director of Jan Vikas Kendra (Jamshedpur) and Director of Jesuit Social Service Centre ( Andamans).

Four women village leaders, who had received leadership training earlier in Kolkata, were invited to this training to be group moderators and group resource supports. This was a very good scope for them to utilise their training to practice as leaders and they fulfilled their role with excellence.


The sprawling campus of Vikas Bharati Training Centre offered not only an excellent training venue but the accompanying organic farming demonstration areas too gave the participants a lovely scope of field exposure.

(Reported by: Smriti Sarkar)



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