A Gender Based Working Group has already been developed through the ILC Secretariat in Rome. A call was issued among the members of ILC in the month of April 2016, inviting them to be a part of the group.

A TOR was also developed by the members of the ILC Secretariat, led by Sabine Pallas and Elisabetta Cangelosi. It was highlighted in the TOR that the objective of the working group was to:


It was also decided that apart from Quarterly interactions through initiatives like Skype Calls, a biennial meeting of the group members would also be organised. Accordingly the first Skype Call  was organised in the month of July, followed by another call in October 2016 and a third one in March 2017. It gave an ample scope for the participating organisations to put forward their basic issues in relation with the working of the group.

Gradually this platform would be used for active knowledge exchange – sharing of experiences, facing challenges, strategies adopted etc. The working group would also give scope for the member organisations to identify the areas where they may collaborate with each other – for eg: addressing an issue through workshop collaborations, issuing joint statements, strengthening signature campaigns etc.

Being aware of each other’s strategic positions, it would help the organisations develop common and collaborative strategies with regard to women’s land rights.First face to face meet of a select group of members of the Working Group would take place between 4th to 6th of April 2017 at Rome. Two member representatives from each region/caucus is expected to meet and exchange experiences and ideas during the meet.

(To know more about the group contact: Elisabetta Cangelosi  (e.cangelosi@landcoalition.org) / Sabine Pallas (s.pallas@landcoalition.org)

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