In a landmark move by the Government of Jharkhand state in India, the registration fee for land is going to be free for women. In a meeting held on 3rd of May 2017, Chief Minister of Jharkhand, Sri Raghubar Das, took a decision to do away with registration charges for property registered in the name of women.

It has been an endorsement of long-standing desire of the organisations working for women’s land rights in the area.

Swadhina working in the area specifically in the area took no time to congratulate the governement on it’s move. In a letter to the Chief Minister, Swadhina enumerated the various reasons as to why the move would benefit women’s rights in the long run.

‘Sir, your decision is a strong endorsement of the struggle for Gender Justice. We are confident that it would have a long drawn effect on the lives of women:-

  • Encourage marginal women to have land and property in their name.
  • Endorse the position of women as farmers and help establish the fact that women are equally able farmers.
  • Provide protection to women on their rights over their land
  • Combat the system of dowry effectively
  • Curb the propensity to abandon wives
  • Improve mutual understanding and dependence

We take this opportunity to express our heartiest gratitude once again to your government. We urge other state governments to emulate this example. We also express our solidarity and would request other NGOs to provide solidarity and support in reaching awareness on this to the remotest corner of Jharkhand.’

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