Farmer’s Handbook: A Guide to Government schemes on Agriculture in India

Department of Agriculture Cooperation & Farmer’s Welfare under the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare , Government of India has launched ‘A Farmer Friendly Handbook for Schemes & Programmes 2017-18’. The 200 page handbook is a guide to the different schemes & programmes launched and implemented by Department of Agriculture Cooperation & Farmer’s Welfare through the different State Governments. The striking aspect of the handbook is the way it is arranged as per themes related to agriculture.  So rather than clubbing the schemes together, the book has dealt with 12 specific themes related to agriculture: 1. Agricultural Insurance 2. Soil Health & Conservation (including micronutrients) 3. Irrigation 4. Agricultural Marketing 5. Organic Farming 6. Horticulture 7. Seeds 8.Mechanization & Technology 9. Training & Extension for Farmers 10. Agricultural Credit 11. Plant Protection 12. Sustainable Agriculture.

The Handbook gives a very comprehensive idea about each scheme, including providing guidance on how and where it can be accessed.

The handbook is in dual languages : English and Hindi, thus being beneficial to many.

A copy of this handbook is important for every Women Farmer’s Group and every woman farmer , because there are many schemes and subsidies available for women involved in agriculture. Having access to the schemes, women farmers can improve their produce and productivity, function as independent agro-marketing groups and endorse their right over cultivation.

NGOs/CBOs, working for women farmers can access this handbook and provide selective information to the local women’s groups as per the need of the group.

For details CLICK the below

Farmer Friendly Handbook

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