As per the Ten Commitments taken up by International Land Coalition during ILC Global Land Forum in May 2015 at Dakar, Senegal, equal land rights for women have been set as one of the ten commitments the ILC and its members adhere to as a contribution to the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a part of the follow-up, activities strengthening the issue of Women’s Land Rights have been taken up by ILC-Asia since end of December 2016. Accordingly organisations from 5 different Asian countries have set up a long term goal to take positive initiatives to ensure advocacy and awareness to initiate positive actions on behalf of the government and the local social systems in their respective situations to ensure a gradual situation of gender justice with regard to ownership, control and decision making on land and land based issues by women.

The focal organisation of the activities is Swadhina (India). Apart from this, each country has a regional Co-ordinating Organisation. Bangladesh is co-ordinated through ALRD, Nepal through CSRC, Cambodia through Star Kampuchia, Indonesia through RMI/SAINS.

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